You’re Killing Me a Scary, Gorgeous Good Time

This review originally appeared on Same Same.

“He’s not scary, he’s gorgeous.”

In another movie, a darker more serious movie, a line like this by George about his new mysterious boyfriend Joe may be cause of interrogation. A moment of dialogue symbolic of the darker side of the gay sexual liberation where many men put the pursuit of sexual gratification before any clear and rational reasoning. Where the hunt for dick blinds us to the very real danger in front of our faces. But, like I said, that might be another movie. You’re Killing Me is not that movie.

That’s not to say this deliciously amusing gay horror comedy from director Jim Hansen isn’t saying anything. Quite the contrary, it actually has a lot to say about the shallowness that is prevalent within gay culture. But, first and foremost, You’re Killing Me is about entertainment. And in that it succeeds.

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