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Lawrence Johnston’s Latest Buzzes Bright with Neon

It takes a special filmmaker to do what Lawrence Johnston does. There are certainly no Australian documentarians working today that I can think of doing what he does. He takes subjects of such a niche and specialised variety and treats … Continue reading

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Putting on the Ritz with Magic Mike XXL

This review is reworked from the original featured at SameSame. Channing Tatum is back with his buddies – and minus his shirt – and they’re going on the road in Magic Mike XXL. Let’s start for a moment with that … Continue reading

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The Troubled Musical Tribute to ‘Amy’

This review was originally published by The Film Experience. Given what director Asif Kapadia was able to accomplish with the otherwise (to me) uninteresting world of vroom vroom speed racing in Senna, logic would dictate that when handling a subject … Continue reading

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Jurassic World Reboots in Plastic

This review was originally published by Weekly Gravy. Somebody let the dinosaurs into the liquor cabinet. Steven Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park turned 21 last year and, just like anybody allowed to drink for the first time, it’s gone a little … Continue reading

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Terminator Genisys trumps Jurassic World‘s Referential Reboot

This review originally appeared on Weekly Gravy. There’s something about the Terminator franchise that I truly dig. I like that it doesn’t pretend its science is anything other than ridiculous coming out of the mouths of muscle-bound beefcakes, yet still … Continue reading

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