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Spear Ought To Be a Must See in This Age of Diversity

Stephen Page’s Spear is the most extraordinary of dance musicals. Something completely and utterly new in Australian cinema. A work of such unique flavour that it’s hardly surprising to see it released on just a few screens nationwide. It’s true … Continue reading

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The Troubled Musical Tribute to ‘Amy’

This review was originally published by The Film Experience. Given what director Asif Kapadia was able to accomplish with the otherwise (to me) uninteresting world of vroom vroom speed racing in Senna, logic would dictate that when handling a subject … Continue reading

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54: The Director’s Cut Rises Like a Phoenix

This review was originally published on The Film Experience. The history behind Mark Christopher’s wannabe decadent, sexually-charged disco epic 54 is almost as interesting as the real life nightclub it uses as its setting. Originally conceived as a disco-themed coming-of-age … Continue reading

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Stylin’ Up with the 30th Anniversary of Wild Style

In the annals of cinema, Charlie Ahearn’s 1983 hip-hop docu-drama Wild Style is hardly as revered as it ought to be. It won no awards, rarely features on any lists niche or otherwise, and seemingly receives no credit for its fusion … Continue reading

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Continental and The Secret Disco Revolution Examine Gay Culture’s First Blush with Mainstream

“In order to be successful, you either have to create a desire, or fulfil a need”, says Continental bath owner Steve Ostrow in writer/director Malcolm Ingram’s third homo-centric documentary Continental (after Small Town Gay Bar and Bear Nation). “In this case, … Continue reading

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Deep in Vogue with Punk’s Couture

Music icon Malcolm McLaren (he died in 2010) was an integral early element in multiple counter cultures and upcoming genres throughout his career. In the late 1980s he helped spearhead the mainstream knowledge of the New York drag ball scene … Continue reading

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