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California Dreamy in Curio L for Leisure

A hipster’s paradise. A societal mix-tape art project that utilises dream-like ‘90s aesthetics to tell the seemingly disconnected lives of young people at leisure. Set to the cooing sounds of a retro synth-pop soundtrack by John Atkinson and highly stylized, … Continue reading

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De Palma and Carpenter Inspire New Genre Thrills in Grand Piano and Blood Glacier

Like many modern films that fall into the niche genre game, Grand Piano and Blood Glacier owe much of their inceptions to other, old films. Thankfully, these two wonderfully audience-baiting flicks find new rhythms and maneuvers to allow them both … Continue reading

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The Camera as God in Mother Joan of the Angels

In Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s Mother Joan of the Angels, the director places his camera in the figurative and literal position of God. In this Cannes-winning title from 1961, Kawalerowicz’s stunning, evocative images made of starkly contrasted black and whites – in a nicely … Continue reading

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Pet Shop Boys’ Avant-Garde Anti-Thatcher Refrain: It Couldn’t Happen Here

The Pet Shop Boys’ 1993 album, Very, is identified as their unofficial “coming out” record by fans given its musical and visual stylisation, lyrical content, and the fact that lead singer Neil Tennant had recently spoken publicly of his sexuality … Continue reading

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When it Rains it Pours: Gay Cinema Round-Up

It’s rare that a fan of LGBT cinema has a bounty of options that allows someone such as myself to say “skip this and see that.” Pickings are usually so slim at any given time that gay audiences especially who … Continue reading

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I Am Divine is Divine, but no Madness

True story: I once came up with an idea to make a documentary on Divine simply because I thought the title Shit-Eating Grin was too good to pass up. Naturally, my complete and utter inability to do anything related to … Continue reading

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Kill Your Darlings is Out of the Closet, but Not Outside the Box

For a film that goes out of its way time and time again to tell the audience that its protagonist was a pioneering wunderkind who helped revolutionise an artform and thought outside the box, John Krokidas’ Kill Your Darlings is … Continue reading

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