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Spear Ought To Be a Must See in This Age of Diversity

Stephen Page’s Spear is the most extraordinary of dance musicals. Something completely and utterly new in Australian cinema. A work of such unique flavour that it’s hardly surprising to see it released on just a few screens nationwide. It’s true … Continue reading

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Angry as a ‘Cut Snake’

This review was originally published on Same Same. The crime drama has become the de facto Australian genre of choice. Whether we like it or not, local film and television creators are infatuated with the sordid goings on of criminals … Continue reading

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Playing it Safe on the Streets of Melbourne

Play it Safe feels like a breath of fresh air amidst the Australian films of this and recent years. It’s a not a great film, but it’s an encouraging and admirable one that feels like it is attempting something few … Continue reading

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Strangerland Tackles the Australian Myth

This review originally appeared on The Film Experience. Kim Farrant’s Strangerland is deeply, uncomfortably Australian. In many ways, it goes right to the heart of the country as a family infiltrate a place that is unfamiliar and even hostile to … Continue reading

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Partisan a Striking Debut for Ariel Kleiman

In an unnamed country, Gregori (Vincent Cassel) rules over a clan of women and children with what could probably be best described as a gloved iron fist. He’s not a cruel person, rather he is attentive and caring, but as … Continue reading

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Historical Innacuracies Catch Up with ‘Milat’

The two-part miniseries Catching Milat follows a prick of a character. And I don’t mean convicted serial killer Ivan Milat. Peter Andrikidis’ drama, which just concluded on Channel 7, looks at the infamous backpacker murders predominantly from the side of … Continue reading

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We Need Another Hero, and it’s George Miller

It turns out we do need another hero, and it comes in the guise of George Miller. The 70-year-old Australian director’s absence from the action genre since the proliferation of computer graphics is entirely what helps make his comeback, Mad … Continue reading

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